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SEDEX: Supplier Ethical Data Exchange
RSPO: Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil – Supply Chain System
GMP: Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) / ISO 22716
BRC/RILA: British Retail Consortium – Consumer Product Global Standard

RSPO Sustainable Vegetable Base (SG)

RSPO Sustainable Vegetable Base (SG)

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Opaque RSPO vegetable derived soap noodles, used for the manufacture of extruded opaque toilet soap bars. Made from a blend of high-grade RSPO palm oil and palm kernel oil.

Our RSPO Supply Chain Certification provides assurance to our customers that the standard of sustainable palm-oil derived base production is adhered to.

Members of the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil since 2013, John Drury and our sister division, M Bedforth and Sons are certified to manufacture both RSPO base and bars of soap

Price: provided on inquiry (please state volume required and shipment destination) to sales@john-drury.co.uk


  • Fully segregated (SG certified) soap base using RSPO Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil.
  • Excellent processing for efficient manufacturing.
  • Great solubility and lathering properties, even hard water.
  • Low odour.
  • Contains RSPO glycerine for enhanced moisturising benefits.
  • Providing a rich creamy lather, this base provides excellent moisturising properties.


  • RSPO Palm Oil
  • RSPO Palm Kernel Oil
  • Aqua
  • Glycerine

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