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RSPO: Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil – Supply Chain System
GMP: Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) / ISO 22716
BRC/RILA: British Retail Consortium – Consumer Product Global Standard

Contract Manufacturing

Bar Soap

M Bedforth & Sons is a leading UK private label bar soap contract manufacturer for the bar and liquid soap industry. Our contract manufacturing facilities include a 20,000 square foot factory in West Yorkshire, England.

M Bedforth has production capacity and equipment to manufacture for the various volume orders from the major international retailers and wholesalers to the gift-trade market.

Our soap plant is equipped with two finishing bar soap lines suitable for manufacturing bespoke bars to customer specifications. One line has been automated for high-speed manufacture of 3 and 4 packed bars of soaps. Standard moulds for various bar shapes and sizes are available while new moulds can be commissioned upon request.

Formulations range in colour, perfume and performance characteristics. Some of the toilet / bath soap shapes and packaging we manufacture are:

  1. 20gm to 150gm pleat-wrapped bars.
  2. 75gm to 125gm multi-pack collation (3 packs and 4 packs in bath size).
  3. 50gm to 170gm and extruded billets in a variety of profiles and weights.
  4. Individually paper-wrapped bar soaps
  5. Flow-wrap bar soaps.
  6. Boxed bar soaps.
  7. Hotel / guest soaps
  8. Gift soap sets (including assembly)
  9. Laundry soaps.

Minimum order quantity 1,000 kilos (1 tonne)

Liquid Soap

Our purpose-built liquid soap manufacturing plant was designed to produce cold-mix / cold-fill bottles with pumps or caps and with a single or twin label for the personal care market.

We provide a turn-key contract manufacturing solution for the bath and shower and hand-wash market. Whether you know exactly the finished product you require or would like expertise on formulation, packaging and design, we are able to assist.

Our liquid soap manufacturing capabilities include formulating, packaging, labelling and filling of multi-sized bottles. We are able to assist with smaller niche product runs from as little as 1,500L but equally have the capacity to manufacture mass-market, shelf-ready production runs.

Liquid soap bottle sizes range from 100ml to 5L. (smaller sizes also available with discussion)

Product range includes:

  1. Bath & shower
  2. Hand wash
  3. Bath foam
  4. Cream bath
  5. Shower gel

Minimum order quantity 1,000 kilos (1 tonne)