Soap Base

John Drury has been making soap milling bases for over 130 years, offering a broad range of tallow and vegetable-derived soap noodles and flakes for manufacturers of toilet bar soaps. For customers whose policies are to utilise only RSPO sustainable palm-derived soap bases, John Drury is fully accredited to provide RSPO base.

Our bases are formulated for efficient processing. John Drury’s sister company, M Bedforth & Sons, specialises in the production of finished bar soap so we understand the importance of efficient milling base extrusion. Customers find that the colour and quality of our bases blend well with their chosen active ingredients, fragrance and colour to produce an excellent finished bar soap.

John Drury also manufactures soap blends to suit bespoke xanax customer requirements. Supplying soap base (tallow and vegetable) all over the world, we can provide a competitive quotation and can deliver to your business, no matter your location. Please email or call for a quotation.